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Elizabeth Spaulding, BS, BA

TASK III Data Collector

Elizabeth is a 2022 graduate from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Social Research and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science. She received Magna Cum Laude honors with both degrees. In her collegiate career, Elizabeth worked as a teaching assistant tutoring her peers in statistics. In this role, she received an award from Miami University’s Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences for excellence, due to her facilitating a positive learning experience for her students. She is pursuing a career in clinical research with the goal of positively impacting the lives of individuals struggling with mental illness. She is passionate about mental health advocacy, gender equality, and community outreach. Elizabeth plans to further her education through obtaining a Master’s degree, and subsequently, a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She currently serves as a Data Collector on the Telehealth Assessment and Skill-Building Intervention for Stroke caregivers.